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The team members of TESK Group are recruitment professionals specialized in the Hungarian labour market.



TESK provides qualified workforce for both Hungarian and international companies, carefully choosing its clients: our associates all provide ethical and useful products and services, and we are dedicated to find the best professionals for them, mixing the most modern online methods with efficient personal communication. We exclusively represent companies taking the responsibility for not only their own success, but also the environment, their employees and their customers.


We also pay special attention to the professionals we are working with and whom we owe our success: our candidates and potential candidates. Our goal is to find the best opportunities providing long term professional development in a supportive environment for them, ensuring a stable financial background for them and their families as well.


 Our target audience are highly qualified, experienced technical and IT professionals, but we also hunt for the best SSC, Telco and trading experts.  


 The TESK Group produces steady progress since its foundation, both in terms of operating areas and revenue, staying constantly in leading position on the professional charts.


 As an innovative provider, responding to the challenges of the present and the future – recognizing that the interest of the candidates shows a huge crash when it comes to the labour market due to the increased employer activity, and also that employer branding has became essential – we help our clients build their employer brand authentically representing them in their areas of expertise. As a part of this, we are offering the built-up of your customized LinkedIn profile, company page or career page as well as the creation of your corporate image videos presenting your employer brand.


Please feel free to contact us if you had any kind of human resource need at your company.



Peter Tokar

owner and managing director of TESK


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